Finding Creative Inspiration from New York City

Full of creativity, our team at Japan Print is constantly drawing inspiration from one of the busiest cities in the world. For this reason, here is some creative inspiration from New York City.

Business and Advertising Hub

Arguably the heart of advertising for the world, headquarters for corporations and small businesses alike are proud to call New York their home. Advertisements are everywhere you turn, and the innovation behind some of them can pave the way for your own creative vision. It’s certainly called the city that never sleeps for good reason.   

Atmosphere for Art

Not just advertising, NYC is an environment that lets artistry flourish. You don’t just have to go looking in galleries, street art transforms the city streets into an open gallery. With being surrounded by art, it’s easy to feel motivated to create something worth sharing.

NYC Sunsets

The vibrant colors of the sky against black silhouettes are breathtaking, but they also serve as great inspiration for a design. If you have an image, turning it into a silhouette may be just the change you need to make a design complete.

Details Create the Big Picture

New York City as a whole is an important reminder that details create the big picture. Each brick in a piece of architecture, each amazing meal in a restaurant, each person in walking on the street – the details are what make the great city that it is.

Black and White

Black and white filters have an amazing way of changing the entire tone of New York. Similarly, turning a design to black and white can change the mood to convey your desired message.

New Perspective

Imagine you are a child visiting New York for the first time. It may be overwhelming, but ultimately very exciting that there is so much to see and experience. Channel that experience when looking for a new perspective- the innovation is there, but it may need to be kickstarted with a new change of scenery or a new experience.

Diversity of Culture

Opening up yourself to the diversity around you is another way to gain a new perspective. For example at Japan Print, out team constantly draws on New York City’s diverse cultural resources to provide the finest multilingual communication services. In our NYC office, we have many different ethnicities of people on our team that give insight into their respective cultures, which fosters our creative edge.


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