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Go Outside the Square: Creative Business Card Tips

Creative Business Card Tips

Even though we live in a digital world, business cards still hold their ground. A powerful marketing device, business cards have been the go-to marketing medium for quite some time, and it looks like this is not going to change anytime soon. This means that one of the worst mistakes you can make professionally is not having a business card on hand. Not only are they an excellent way to break the ice, but they make it easy to network with others. However, you don’t want to have a generic business card. Because if you do, you run a much higher risk of being shuffled into a pile along with other business cards, or worse, thrown away.

If you want to stand out, build trust, and look professional, you need a well-designed business card. Keep these creative business card tips in mind to help you create a compelling and fruitful business card that will separate you from the pack.

Keep It Simple

This simple piece of advice you may have heard before, but it’s worth bearing in mind. You never want to overwhelm the senses. Instead, you want to have a clean and simple design that is eye catching, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to read. The sense of aesthetics can become severely altered if there is too much clutter, so remember that less is more.

Utilize Both Sides of the Card

Paper has two sides to it, so why not use both sides? By using both sides of the business card, you can help prevent the overload of information, which may turn off your audience. Instead, use both sides of the card to help keep your design clean and organized. Doing this also allows for more creativity, as you can keep information on one side of the card and have your logo design or something else unique on the other side.

Change the Shape

Who said business cards had to one shape and size? No one, but yet most people go by the standards. While there is nothing wrong with using the traditional route, changing up the shape and/or size of your business card can make yours stand out from your competitors. Being different is fresh and exciting, so be different and think outside the box. Just make sure the business card can still fit inside of a wallet!

Up Your Weight Class

Do you know that there are different weights of paper? While you may want to go with your cheapest option, your choice of paper is never something you should take lightly. The quality and weight of the paper does have a psychological effect on your audience and can make all the difference in how your business card is perceived. So, if you want to make a strong impression while representing your brand, pay attention to the sturdiness and firmness of your paper stock.

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