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Choosing the Best Font for Your Business Card

Choosing a Business Card Font

When it comes time to find a font that matches your business and brand, it can be a challenging feat. There are a lot of fonts out there to choose from, and it is not a decision to take lightly. Typography plays a significant role in how your audience views your brand, and you do not want to send the wrong message. The font you choose plays a vital role in business card design. You want your audience to receive a business card that accurately represents your business. Otherwise, it will become a wasted marketing effort. Unfortunately, the process of choosing a business card font can quickly become overwhelming due to the sheer amount of choices that you have. There are a lot of options out there, but with the correct know-how, you can help streamline your search.

Business cards are a powerful tool that helps show off your personality, as well as represents your brand, so it’s crucial to find that perfect font during the design process. If you need some assistance in choosing a business card font, follow these tips that can help you pick the correct font for your business card design.

Aim for Readability

Obviously, you want your business card to be legible, so it’s essential to go for a font that is easily deciphered when printed and at smaller sizes. You don’t want to spend money on something that can’t be read. Once you have a few prospects, make sure you make test prints so you can see how the font looks printed on paper, in various sizes, ensuring that it can be clearly read.

Is it Print Friendly?

To add on to the first tip, you should also do a test print of your prospective choices to ensure that they are print-friendly. Sometimes a font can look good on the screen, but once it’s printed out, it’s hard to decipher, especially at small sizes. Also, keep in mind what you are printing on. Printing on different paper types, as well as various printing methods, can change the way the font visually looks.

Sans-Serif or Serif?

When it comes to what type of font should you use, serif or sans-serif, it really comes down to what kind of business you have. If you want to play it safe, use a serif font is the way to go. Serif typefaces are also ideal for professional companies. But if you’re a freelancer or a creative, you might want to show your creative side by using a sans-serif font.

What Kind of Font Style?

When it comes time to find the type of style of font you want, the nature of your business and brand will also come into play. You want to ensure that you are choosing the appropriate style. For example, you wouldn’t want a playful font for a doctor’s office, and brush style fonts wouldn’t be appropriate for a lawyer. However, don’t forget to ensure that the style you choose prints well at a small size.
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