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How to Choose the Best Font for Your Logo

Choose the Best Font for Your Logo

When you are coming up with a logo for your company, your choice of font can make or break your design. Your design should represent your brand, especially considering your audience will see this the most, so it should clearly state who you are. While the wrong type of font won’t ruin your design per se, but it will alter the message and expressive elements of the design. The result of this is that your audience will not get an accurate “reading” of your company, and this can seriously harm your marketing efforts. However, when it comes time to choose the best font for your logo it can be challenging, as there are a lot of fonts out there to choose from. In fact, this step can become overwhelming, but with the proper knowledge, you can feel confident in your selection and make the correct choice.

To help you choose the best font for your logo, check out these helpful tips that will help you in your quest to find that perfect font.

1. When choosing a font, you want to ensure that the font is legible. While it may sound obvious, this mistake still happens, more often than people want to admit. While thinking outside the box is what you need to do to stand out from your competitors, you don’t want to get so wrapped up in the design of a font. Still, choose that distinctive font, but make sure the font flows well with your design. You also want to ensure that the font is legible in both small and large sizes.

2. If you are planning on using two different fonts, not only do you have to ensure that it conveys your message, but you also have to strike that perfect balance. You don’t want to use two different fonts that are so different from one another that they clash, ruining your design. Instead, you want to use two fonts that complement and support each other. While this step can take a lot of time, thankfully you can find a list of complementary fonts on the internet.

3. The font you choose needs to represent your brand and company accurately. Otherwise, it will be a futile effort, and who wants to waste valuable time and money? To successfully pull this off, you need to identify your target audience, as well as the purpose of the business. You want your choice of font to convey your brand’s message successfully. Having this information will aid you in your quest for the perfect font.

4. The other aspect that you must keep in mind is the design of your logo. How your logo is designed will help dictate the type of font that you should use. Are you using a text-based logo, a logo that consists only of type, or are you planning to go for an emblem-based logo? Many typefaces will work better with one or the other. For example, for an emblem-based logo, you want to use a font that is toned-downed, so that it doesn’t overpower your overall design. While a wordmark or text-based logo should use a font that is distinct enough to represent your company (think of Google and its logo).

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