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Cross-Industry Client Management Tips That Really Work

November 20, 2015 / Conversation, Daily


Are you someone who works in an industry where you deal with clients on a daily basis? What about industry… Do all of your clients tend to belong to one particular industry or is it a mix of industries? Either way, we have some tips to help you with managing your clients in the most effective way possible, regardless of which industry they are in!

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Are My Business Cards Print Ready?

August 5, 2014 / Daily
custom-round corner business cards

If you had to guess, what do think is the biggest barrier that consumers face when getting their business cards printed? One might imagine that picking the specs or budget might be the most difficult, but that is not usually the case. The hardest thing is usually coming up with the design and formatting it correctly. Its not as simple as just walking into a print shop and saying “can you print some business cards for me?”. Furthermore, the design needs to be formatted correctly. A powerpoint slide isn’t sufficient for printing. Every piece of printing equipment requires a print ready design before anything can be printed. There are a few main things that make a business card design print ready, and we will over them in this post.

First off, trim marks are a must, especially when dealing with “bleeds”. In the print industry a bleed is simply a color that meets the edge of the paper. These trim marks indicate the business card dimensions, so we know where to cut them out from the larger sheet that they are printed on. Without trim marks, it will be difficult for us to align the business cards properly. Most graphics software programs offer features that will add the trim marks for you.

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Think Outside The Box With Your Business Cards

July 25, 2014 / Daily
business card paper types

Business cards have been around for a long time. Thousands of years, in fact. Throughout that span of time, it is surprising how little they have changed. Perhaps even more surprising is how little they have changed in the last 50 years despite the numerous advancements in printing and design technology. If you look at the vast majority of business cards in circulation (domestically), most are 3.5″ x 2″ with simple text and a logo. If they are daring, you might even find some raised ink. But as a whole, there is a general lack of creativity in the business card world, at least for business cards here in NYC.

Its important to think outside the box. I find this to be the case in my professional and personal life, and I see it all the time in successful companies. This philosophy means to think about what is possible, and not what everyone else does. It means to embrace change and take advantage of the opportunities that arise as a result. Interestingly, the print industry offers one of the best opportunities to exercise this mindset when you consider how much the technology has advanced, and how little people have taken advantage of it.

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