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American Business Card Etiquette

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In America and most other Western cultures, business cards have been a mainstay in terms of business etiquette. Despite having such a strong role in Western business’, most American companies take a very casual approach to business card etiquette. This easy-going attitude towards exchanging business cards is a stark contrast to that of Asian cultures. Despite having such as casual attitude toward the exchange process that is associated with business cards, America along with its other Western cultures is easily the biggest business card consumer in the world.

For over 300 years, business cards as we know them today haven’t changed very much. They serve the same purpose now as they did in the 1700′s. These indispensable little cards are offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all of which communicate more than just your vital information. In today’s business culture, business cards have evolved into an extension of your image. Some organizations and people, are adapting to this new view, others are simply ignoring it. Regardless of the public opinion, one thing is certain, for those who want to leave a lasting impression and stand out above the crowd, having the best business cards are one of the ways to do it.

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In most organizations, a simple white business card with the employee’s information and a company logo on it is considered the standard. Surprisingly, the philosophy behind business card design is steadily changing. People are becoming more and more appreciative of personalized and unique business cards. There are many possible explanations for this trend, but in an age where sharing data is faster and more generic than ever, it seem like people are yearning to have more expression. High quality customized business cards do a fantastic job of communicating more than just data. The best business cards tell a story about the person behind the cards that often has a stronger effect than one may expect. The most critical affect that high quality, custom business cards have is their ability to inspire confidence. If an individual or company is trying to look important, their business cards need to look important. Place an impressive, important looking, business card next to an ordinary business card and all of a sudden you will realize just how powerful of an effect the higher quality card has.

High quality, customized business cards have proven themselves in many arenas. Perhaps none have been quite as effective as in trade shows or larger conventions where many people meet face to face. Professional business cards make you unforgettable. They leave a strong message behind that will always represent you in the manner that you desire. If 10 people are competing for a customers business, the customer will always go with the option that he interprets as the best. If you business card is the best card in the stack, you will get the business.

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