Silk Laminated Business Cards

Silk laminated business cards are one of our newer product offerings. These business cards are notable for their silky smooth feel as well as their durability. They have a modern look to them that makes them popular within the tech community. A good way to describe a silk laminated business card would be to imagine a business card that is wrapped in a soft plastic. That description also happens to be an accurate depiction of their actual composition.

To produce these business cards, we start by printing on regular heavyweight business card stock in our NYC plant. When we complete the printing, we will hold off on cutting them into business card sized pieces. Instead, we send them to a laminator who applies a layer of plastic to both sides of the sheets. After the silk laminate material has been applied, we then cut the sheets down to business cards. This production technique requires a decent amount of handling and care. As a result, there is a somewhat long production time, averaging about a week. Fortunately, the business cards are worth the wait.

Some key benefits of silk laminated business cards is their durability and unique feel. On the topic of durability, these business cards are nearly water resistant. The plastic laminate helps protect them from perspiration and prevents the ink underneath from running. They are also very resistant to tearing, which can easily happen to less sturdy business cards. As for the unique feel, there really isn’t anything else quite like it. As a matter of fact, silk laminated business cards feel more like plastic than paper.

Being located in downtown NYC, which happens to be a budding area for startups, we’ve seen a lot of interest in these business cards. They appeal to a younger demographic, at least more than most other finishes. This is not a phenomenon that is specific to New York City. We have seen requests for these cards outside of the tristate area as well.

As mentioned earlier, there are things that you should consider when ordering silk laminated business cards. First, you cannot have raised ink or embossing with them. Secondly, they require longer than average production times. So if you’re in a hurry, these cards may not be the best fit. Lastly, due to nature of their look and feel, silk laminated business cards might not be the best fit for traditional business card layouts/designs.

These silk laminated business cards are definitely worth looking at. They are among the most popular requests that we receive nowadays. We encourage anyone to stop in our NYC office to have a look at some actual samples of silk laminated business cards. We will take the time to sit down and provide you with a consultation on our many printing options.

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