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Raised Ink Business Cards

Raised ink, also known as Thermography, is a very popular effect in printing that adds an extra level of dimension to business cards. With raised ink, the ink literally rises upward from the card stock due to application of heat and a special powder during the printing process. This process results in business cards that will have a unique textured lettering or logo effect that can be felt when the business card is handled.

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Raised Ink Business Cards Examples

What Papers Can Raised Ink Business Cards Have?


Highly Durable Paper.


Great for Raised Ink printing.
Elegant and classy crosshatch linen texture.
Superior Ink Retention.

Mohawk Eggshell

Japan's preferred paper.
Naturally Eggshell textured.
Great color absorbent/taker.


Lightweight paper.
Great for Embossed and Letterpress printing.
Uncoated and Naturally Textured.

The Benefits Of Raised Ink Business Cards

Raised ink business cards offer a time-honored look that is suitable for any person or corporation. This technique has been around for quite some time, but we have found that less and less printers are offering this service due to its complicated production requirements. We are happy to put in the extra effort to offer this service.

We also distinguish ourselves from most other NYC suppliers because of our speed. In most cases, we can complete our raised ink business cards within 3 business days. Most other suppliers require around 4-5 business days to complete business cards with raised ink. This may not sound like a big difference but our customers with tight timeframes appreciate it very much. There are factors that can contribute to longer production times, such as using multiple colors. Please take into consideration that anything over 2 ink colors would require more than the standard production time.

What To Consider When Buying Raised Ink Business Cards

There are a few important factors to consider with Raised ink business cards. One of them is that they occupy more space than flat printed business cards. The 3 dimensional raised ink causes the cards to stack higher, which can limit the amount of business cards that you can carry. This isn’t really a big problem, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Another limitation of raised ink business cards would be gradients. If your design utilizes gradients, than raised ink would not be an appropriate fit. Without getting into too much detail, thermography is achieved by sending the sheets of paper through a powder bath where the thermo powder sticks to the wet ink. The sheets are heated and the powder melts, then rises. When you have a gradient, there are portions of the color that have less ink than others. The result is an uneven coating and therefore absence of the rising effect on parts of the print. It can be done, but its not easy to predict the results.

Despite the limitations of raised ink business cards, the rewards are very substantial. There is no business card effect that offers quite the same 3 dimensional look that these cards will offer. Not to mention, at the same cost-effective price point. We invite anyone to stop by our NYC location to see actual samples of our work.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Business Cards and Services

Stephanie Tartick
Stephanie Tartick
I recently got a personal project printed at Japan Printing and was helped by Julian. I was hoping to find a print shop that I could continue working with for future projects and Japan Printing is it! The quality of my postcards is top notch, and I never felt like I was bothering Julian with my questions and initial hesitancy. I couldn’t be happier with the whole process and my beautiful art postcards.
Meghan Takahashi
Meghan Takahashi
I worked with Japan Printing to help print a rapid order of a large quantity of brand books. Marcela from Japan Printing was super quick to respond and equally very helpful in ensuring that my order was completed within 2 days! Would highly recommend!
Fabian Amaru Muenala
Fabian Amaru Muenala
Japan Printing & Graphics did an amazing job for my business. As a retail business owner, specializing in the sale of Native American artworks and jewelry, we needed to find a visual identity that elevated and upscaled our brand, but at the same time stay true to the “natural or organic” look Native retail brands can be associated with. We were interested in a particular look; organic textured paper or cardboard, with a copper metallic stamp of our logo. The final products came out great! We ordered business cards, apparel tags, necklace tags, earring tags and other items. One of their representatives, Marcela, did an amazing job explaining the options they had regarding textured papers, colors, metallic finishes, sizes, pricing etc. I think I knew this was the place to work with, when she took out a couple of BOOKS filled with paper samples . Options were almost limitless, but her guidance and expertise on printing service helped us decide quite efficiently and effortlessly. From a branding perspective, Japan Printing is able to deliver what you envision for your business or service. They helped upscale our products, because presentation matters. If you want to impact your customers with your brand, a clear image of who you are and what you stand for is needed, and Japan Printing can definitely help you out.
Nori Shimizu
Nori Shimizu
I’ve been ordering a business card for years. I’m totally satisfying their quality and price. Also they are very responsive. Especially, Marcela is a perfect consultant!
Mairenee Rodriguez
Mairenee Rodriguez
During these moments in COVID19 it is hard for business to survive these troubling times and time is something that seems to be in need a lot of. So, I want to be able to put my efforts in what really matters most which is my business. I need the best and Japan Print is that, they put all there efforts creating my business cards. Everything from creating the details in the card to their customer service was exceptional and easy. They were able to guide me through choosing right type of quality, finish and style. The best of all their translation service was spectacular because most of my clientele speak a different language and there was a time I had to take a business trip to China and to Japan, they were able to translate my business cards in their language which really left me impressed and speechless at there capabilities in translating without changing any of the layouts in business cards. They simply are the best. Thank you Japan Print
Stephen Preziosi
Stephen Preziosi
I hired Japan printing to do my business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. They were fast, professional and courteous. I will definitely be using them again. I recommend them highly. Talk to Marcella, she’s the best.
Excellent work!
Erin Argo
Erin Argo
Julian at Japan Printing did a great job designing and printing business cards for my husband’s business. He was patient and thorough and the cards turned out beautifully. Highly recommend.
Cidnee Vaykovich
Cidnee Vaykovich
We have been completely satisfied with Japan Printing. Fast turnaround, fair prices, and high quality results!
Brenda Bello
Brenda Bello
We have ordered 3 sets business cards from Japan Printing and Graphics. Very happy with the quality and their service. Absolutely recommend!

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Raised Ink Business Cards

Most local printing companies in NYC rely on digital presses for the bulk of their printing. There are many benefits (we use them too) and drawbacks of using them. Perhaps one of the bigger drawbacks would be their inability to print with raised ink. You can only print with flat ink when using a digital press. Fortunately, we have offset printing equipment as well, which allows us to print with thermography. We are able to do this on a relatively small scale as well.
Raised Ink printing, also known as Thermography or Thermographic Printing, is an affordable alternative to achieve a raised effect comparable to engraving and embossing. Raised Ink printing is widely considered as a premium finish and it is the preferred printing process for multiple high end oriented companies.
Thermography mixes offset printing ink with a powdered resin. This mix is baked producing the resin to raise and giving it a textured effect. The first step when printing with Raised ink is to print the image with a slow drying ink. Next, the areas with ink are covered with the resin. Then, heat is applied causing the resin to form a raised and glossy image.
Raised printing feels premium and out of the ordinary. It is also considerably more affordable than engraving. It adds an extra level of dimension to business cards. With raised ink, the ink literally rises upward from the card. This process results in business cards that will have a unique textured lettering or logo effect that can be felt when the business card is handled. Raised Ink is for sure one of our favorite printing finishes.
Raised ink business cards look great with minimalistic and classic designs. We recommend designs with no more than 3 colors and with no backgrounds. Logos intended to be printed with Raised Ink must be simple and easy to remember.
Our thickest paper available for this fantastic printing technique is a premium 165LB classic crest. Raised ink business cards are available on 80LB cover paper and up.

Our raised ink business cards printed in NYC are available in linen, classic crest, mohawk superfine eggshell, Strathmore and more. Raised ink looks much better on matte uncoated paper. The glossy surface of raised ink creates the perfect contrast with this type of paper.

Raised Ink is glossy but it is mostly printed on matte uncoated papers.
Yes, Raised Ink Business Cards can be ordered with rounded corners or standard corners.

The standard turnaround time for Raised Ink Business Cards is 5-6 business days.

Raised ink printing is available for notecards, postcards, letterheads and envelopes.
We recommend a maximum of 3 colors in order to keep costs affordable. However, raised ink business cards can be ordered with up to 5 colors.

Raised ink business cards are widely used in industries such as Law, finance and other traditional businesses. However, we have developed great design ideas for creative industries such as marketing, photography, arts and more.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us at info@japanprint.com

To order a free sample pack please email us at freesamplepack@japanprnt.com
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If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to email us at info@japanprint.com

To order a free sample pack please email us at freesamplepack@japanprint.com

To place an order, please follow our guide