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Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a relative newcomer to the business card scene. They are notable for their industrial durability, as well their multiple levels of transparencies. These unique business cards allow for some very unconventional designs, some of which would not be possible with other materials. Although most printing equipment cannot handle the thick plastic sheets, we’ve taken special care to calibrate our machinery to work with many types of plastics.

We typically offer 3 types of plastic, all of which are roughly 20pt in thickness. The 3 options are clear, transparent, and white opaque. The clear finish is exactly what its name would imply, clear. Next, the transparent finish can be described as colorless, but not clear. The transparent finish has a cloudy transparency that allows most light to pass through. It is similar to a foggy window. Finally the opaque finish is simply a white piece of plastic that is not clear or transparent at all. All three options offer unique features that are well suited to different types of designs.

One of the biggest challenges with using plastics are their thickness and density. They are very difficult to bend which causes problems with most printing equipment. They also have different heat tolerances, which can also causes issues with production presses. We happen to be more prepared than most NYC printers when it comes to thick stocks. Since we have the ability to print on extremely heavy papers, the transition to plastics wasn’t too difficult, luckily.

Some drawbacks of plastic business cards would be their general utility, mainly due to their thickness. It can be difficult to carry many of them in your wallet. This is not an exaggeration, 10 of these business cards are more than 1/2 inch when stacked up. Another drawback would be that they cannot easily be written on. This is a very important consideration to keep in mind when ordering plastic business cards.

Even though there are some legitimate drawbacks, plastic business cards are still a great choice for certain types of designs. For example, a great use case for plastic business cards would be a design that utilizes the clear plastic as a lens. Being in NYC, a place with no shortage of creativity, we’ve also seen crafty designs that use the opaque plastic to model a credit card. As you can see, there are some very specialized designs that take full advantage of the plastic material.

If you are interested in plastic business cards, we strongly recommend stopping by our NYC office to see some samples in person. Since they have completely different characteristics than paper business cards, we wouldn’t recommend ordering them until you’ve had a chance to handle them in person. Please feel free to call us or visit us at your convenience.

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