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Transparent plastic business cards NYC

Transparent business cards are some of the most talked about cards on the market today. Made out of a high quality durable plastic, these cards can handle a lot of abuse, while striking up conversation wherever they are given out. These plastic business cards are a relatively new offering in the printing industry, which makes them less common of a sight than almost all other business cards.

Transparent plastic business cards require a different type of approach when it comes to design. Since they are completely transparent and allow the user to see through them, you must make your business card design accordingly. For example, the content that you put on them will be visible from the back side of the card. This is not a problem, but it means that there are some clear limitations regarding what you would want to put on the back, pun intended. This transparency also allows for some unique opportunities when it comes to design. Some of these include designs that have a picture frame or sight tool printed onto the card, which allows the user to hold the card up to someone or something and look through it.

Transparent plastic business cards also much smoother than most other plastic business cards. Since the plastic used on them needs to be completely clear, the surface had to be ultra smooth. The smoothness of transparent plastic business cards is a byproduct which happens to work in their favor. The resulting product feels different than any other material, whether you compare plastics or paper stocks in general.

One of the main drawbacks of transparent plastic business cards is that they are difficult to write on. Taking into consideration that most business cards are written on at some point, this is a very important weakness. They can support markers, but not pens and pencils, which are usually what people use. Due to this drawback, most plastic business cards are used for countertops or reception areas that rarely require anyone to jot any notes on them.

Another drawback of transparent business cards is that they require a considerable amount of time to produce. These business cards take around 2 weeks to manufacture. That lead time is something to keep in mind if you decide to use transparent plastic business cards. Even among other plastic materials, transparent plastic business cards take slightly longer to work with because it is difficult to work with them. The clear plastic material has a protective coating that has to be removed before they are printed on, and that step can be cumbersome because it is done manually.

If you are interested in potentially ordering transparent business cards, we encourage you to stop by our NYC office for a free consultation. We will sit down with you in person and discuss each and every business card material that you might be interested in. Our goal is to provide our customers with as much information as possible on our products so they can make the best decision.

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