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As a company, we always listen to consumers. There are many instances where we change our business model to accommodate the demands of the marketplace. Our decision to specialize in thick business cards is a prime example of this. We have always been a niche supplier of high quality business cards in NYC. However, our customers repeatedly asked for thicker and thicker papers which were outside of spec for our equipment. After a while, we decided that it was worth the cost and effort to configure our production process to handle extremely thick papers.

Deciding to go with a thick paper for your business cards is strictly a matter of taste. However, there are some objective benefits of having thick business cards that can definitely give you the upper hand. First, thick business cards are sturdier and more durable than thin business cards. There are other factors that contribute to durability, but fundamentally any given paper or material will be stronger when you increase the thickness. As the durability increases, your cards will last longer. This applies to both the giver and receiver. It provides some piece of mind knowing that your cards wont disintegrate in someone’s wallet before they call you.

Another advantage of a thick business card is that it is more noticeable than a thin business card. For example, if you’ve every collected a bunch of business cards at a trade show or convention, you will surely be familiar with the daunting process of remembering whose they were, and ranking them in terms of importance. One thing is for sure, the thickest and most substantial business card will be among the first that an individual notices. At the end of the day, how much better off can you be?

Most business cards are printed on 100-110lb stock. That is equivalent to 12-14pt cover. We stock business card papers that are up to #179lb (approximately 20pts), available for same day printing. If you wanted to go even thicker than that, we can double mount your business cards and exceed 260lbs easily. This is nearly unheard of in the print industry, much less the NYC area. Given our equipment and production techniques, there isn’t a real limit to how thick we can go. If you want it, we can make it happen, regardless of how thick you want to go.

There are some disadvantages of thick business cards as well. The main disadvantage would be overall utility. As your business cards get thicker, they become harder and harder to carry. For example, business cards that are printed on #179lb Cranes Kid stock are so thick that only about 5-6 of them would fit in your wallet. Although thick business cards look great, you should consider their limitations when it comes to carrying them.

If you are interested in having thick business cards printed on durable paper, please contact us for a cost free consultation. We encourage anyone to stop by our NYC office to see samples of our business cards in person. We take the time to explain the benefits and limitations of each and every finish so you can make the right decision on your business cards.

Contact us today at 212-406-2905, or email at info@japanprint.com for more information!

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