Gloss Coated Business Cards

Gloss coated business cards have always been very popular in the printing industry. These business cards are characterized by their ultra smooth, glossy finish, which resembles the finish on developed photographs. This trait makes them a very good fit for colorful designs, or designs that have images on them. Gloss coated business cards also have a very strong presence in specific industries, some of which include the entertainment and service industries.

Gloss coated business cards, also known as uv coated business cards, are produced in a two step process. First, the business cards are printed on large sheets of paper by a digital or offset press. The paper used is always a smooth dull coated cover stock that lacks any texture. Once the business cards are printed on these large sheets, they are then fed into a specialized finisher that applies the uv gloss coating to the sheets of paper. Once the coating process is done, the sheets are then taken to a slitter and cut down into multiple business cards. We produce our business cards onsite in our NYC facility.

The uv gloss coating used on these business cards has some inherent benefits to it. As mentioned earlier, it works very well with images and rich colors. The gloss coating makes those types of designs look deeper and sharper. Another benefit of using uv gloss coating on your business cards is that it actually makes them more durable. The coating resists scuffs and foreign debris, which keeps them much cleaner and more presentable. They also can be stacked on top of each other and placed under pressure (like in a wallet), without the risk of smudging ink or scuffing the finish. Durability is definitely an appealing trait of uv coated business cards.

One of the main drawbacks of uv coated business cards is that they are not easy to write on. If you think about how many business cards are used, there are many instances where people will write on a business card. Without this utility, gloss coated business cards are seriously hindered. This could be one of the main reasons that they are so popular in certain industries like entertainment and service, where you will see a stack of business cards at the front desk of a hotel or restaurant. Those scenarios typically do not require that anything is written on the business cards.

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