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Foil Business Cards

Foil business cards offer a very unique finish to business cards. They are notable for their shiny or metallic property, which can be applied to large or small portions a business card. Foil is distinct from other finishes such as spot uv gloss because it is available in opaque and metallic colors. These unique properties allow for some incredible looking designs that aren’t possible with any other printing methods. We have supplied foil services to NYC for over 4 decades.

At a deeper level, foil business cards are produced in a similar manner to embossing and engraving, though the end result is very different. The process starts by machining a press plate with the desired pattern of foil. Next, large sheets of paper are mounted on the press with a thin sheet of foil on top of them. The plate is heated and stamped onto the paper, resulting in a permanent bond between the foil and paper only where the plate was stamped. After the large sheets of paper have foil stamped on them, we can then print on them if need be. For example, the logo might have been in foil, but the contact information could be in black. So that would require that we print black onto those sheets before we cut them into business cards.

As mentioned earlier, foil comes in many different colors. There are numerous options for opaque and metallic foils. There is even clear foil that can be used on business cards. Despite all of these options, the vast majority of requests are made for gold and silver metallic foils. Gold and silver metallic foils offer a very highly reflective finish that is almost mirror like. There are other printing methods that use metallic colors, but none of them are quite as reflective and shiny as foil. If you are looking for a chrome or mirror like finish, your only option would be foil stamping.

Despite the many attractive features of foil stamping, there are some limitations. The most important limitation of foil stamping would be fine detail. Capturing fine detail isn’t easy with foil. The level of resolution is much lower than digital or offset printing. Without getting into too much detail, this limitation is caused by the lack of adhesion on very small areas. As described above, a heated plate is pressed against the foil onto a sheet of paper below. The problem is that areas with fine detail are not able to be heated to the same degree, and the foil simply cant stick. Designs that incorporate foil should not have very small detailed features, for optimum results.

Another limitation of foil is that requires a decent amount of time to produce. In most cases, it would require around 2 weeks to complete, which is considerably longer than most business cards. In addition to the relatively long production time, foil stamping also costs more than most other finishes. For these reasons, you should weigh your options thoroughly and make sure foil stamping is the right fit for your business cards.

You can rely on our years of experience in the printing industry. We have been servicing the New York City area for almost 40 years. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver on your expectations. Our Foil Business Cards are among the very best in the industry. If you are in the NYC area, we welcome you to come and visit us at our office for a free consultation

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