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As a company, Japan Printing and Graphics has never been ordinary.  This is especially true when it comes to the our creative business cards. We invite new and innovative business card ideas that many NYC printers are afraid to take on. Creative business cards are a great opportunity for growth. This is true for us just as much as it is for our customers.

Creative business cards can be defined as being different from the norm. One example of an excellent creative business card would be an iPhone app developer that made their business card resemble their app icon (on the phone). This would illustrate how thinking outside of the box can result in a catchy and usable design. Creative business cards like those would provide information about the company and culture in addition to the person’s contact information.

Another example of creative business cards would be an electrical component supplier that had measuring grid on the back of their business card. This grid also had silhouettes of the actual components along with their names to give reference to their shape. This was useful because you can see how small of the micro components are. Creative and catchy things like this really make a big difference in brand retention. Its pretty simple, when time is invested in these areas, customers are more likely to remember your business card and company.

In addition to design, materials and production techniques also contribute to creative business cards. For example, A jeweler might have a business card design that requires a metallic ring to be printed on the business card. Many printers might try to use flat metallic ink to achieve that effect. We however, have the equipment that allows us to print an engraved, (3-dimensional) life-like ring onto the business card. That effect is much more memorable, and has the same effect of sticking out in the customers minds.

Please feel free to contact us any time regarding our print services and products. Consultations are provided at no cost, and there are never any obligations. We also welcome anyone to stop by our NYC store in person to see samples of our work.

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