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Making a business card look great isn’t easy. There are many factors that contribute to the overall quality of a business card. Some people might assume that special effects and fancy materials are the most important parts of creating great business cards, but that is definitely not the case. In reality, the single most important part of creating great business cards is the design itself.

Its easy to understand why design is overlooked. After all, it doesn’t have a finite time or cost, nor does it even have an actual metric for quality. With materials and finishes, there are way to gauge whether they were done correctly. But this is not the case with design. Design requires skill, experience, and innovation because its not just about looks, it about solving a problem. For example, good designers factor in scalability, diversity, and materials into their work. This allows your business card to have the flexibility to handle long and short names, irregular amounts of information, and production limitations.

Great designers also takes the brand image of a company or individual into consideration and create an appropriate theme. For example, certain fonts and colors are more appropriate for specific industries or brands. There are also finishes and materials that are appropriate for certain trades more than others. These things are all part of the design and we always try our best to match the style of a business card to its field.

Ergonomics are also critically important in a great design. For example, there are many consumers that like small fonts on their business cards. This is particularly true here in NYC, where style and edge are very common forms of expression. Our design team is very honest and direct about where to draw the line between readability and style. This attention to ergonomics can literally spell the difference between success and failure.

We have a small team of designers who have many years of experience in typesetting business cards and other printed goods. They all work locally in our NYC office, which is generally a much better option than working with a designer remotely. Our team takes an incredible amount of care when typesetting and designing business card layouts for our customers. We all take pride in our work and would love to demonstrate our design prowess for any requirements.

If you are in need of a new business card design, please feel free to contact us or stop in our NYC location. Our representatives would be happy to provide a cost free consultation on your business cards. If you already have an existing design, we can also review it and make adjustments if need be. We also have numerous templates, which you can find our templates here.

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