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As a company, we specialize in business cards. That means that we are happy to produce customized business cards for our customers, even if they are outside the realm of standard dimensions and materials. It is very important for us to fulfill our customers expectations, particularly if they’ve had poor experiences with other suppliers. Being headquartered in downtown NYC, we’ve seen many unusual requests for custom business cards. We enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to impress.

An example of a custom business cards would be a non-standard size. We encounter many requests for square business cards, which isn’t standard. Furthermore, the size of the square varies between customers. Since we have high quality cutting equipment, we are able to easily trim down the master sheets to whatever size our customers need. This flexibility usually isn’t found in most suppliers.

Another example of our ability to produce custom business cards would be printing on unusual materials, such as plastics. We have requests from time to time where our customers want business cards on a material other than paper. Logically, plastic is one of the first things that comes to mind. We have very durable and flexible equipment that can handle robust materials such as plastic. Again, this level of flexibility is something that seldom found in a NYC printing company.

We think it is very important to offer our customers the ability to customize their designs exactly how they want them. Sometimes a particular size or shape coincides with the brand image of a company. In these cases, we cannot ask the customer to compromise. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a design come to life, exactly the way it was planned.

We encourage anyone to stop in our NYC office to see examples of our custom business cards. There are many different samples that we keep on hand so that we can illustrate what kind of work we have done in the past. We can also answer any questions and provide a cost free consultation about any ideas that you might have for your business cards. Just because something is outside of the norm, doesn’t mean that it cannot be produced. Please put our services to the test.

Contact us today at 212-406-2905, or email at info@japanprint.com for more information!

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