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Cotton Business Cards NYC

Cotton business cards can create an effect that no other business card can. These cards combine a modern and handcrafted appearance that provides a high-quality finish.
If you want to stand out from your competition with a unique business card, our line of cotton business cards is the right choice. They are elegant, have an uncoated finish, and a texture that feels soft to the touch, making them genuinely memorable cards.

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Cotton Business Cards NYC

Cotton Business Cards Examples

What finishes can cotton business cards have?

Letterpress Business Cards

Premium 36pt Thickness Paper.
Unique Pantone colors that always remain the same.
Mohawk Superfine Eggshell.

Foil Business Cards

Premium Metallic Ink Stamping.
Premium Velvet or Silk Laminated Paper.
Raised Foil Stamping Available

Painted Edges Business Cards

Available in any color.
Thin and Thick Papers Available.
Straight or Rounded Corners.

The Benefits Of Cotton Business Cards

Deciding which paper to use for your business cards is of utmost importance because business cards carry your corporate identity to potential clients. To help you decide, here are some benefits of using cotton business cards:

  • Cotton paper is the best absorbent paper out there, meaning that any color would look its best on this material.
  • It is a paper stock that is known for its premium quality.
  • The material’s soft texture makes it ideal for finishes such as letterpress or embossing, which are considered high-end finishes.
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What To Consider When Buying Cotton Business Cards?

Please note that ultra-thick cotton is not easy to run through a printer. Since this material is more absorbent than others, you will need more ink to finish it correctly, so it will take a little longer to produce.

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Cotton Business Cards

Cotton paper has a smooth texture to the touch. Also, it is lighter than other papers due to the material’s properties.

Cotton material is soft and uncoated, making it an excellent choice for finishes that press or lift its texture: embossing, letterpress, and foil stamping look best on Cotton business cards.

Cotton business cards are surprisingly soft and truly elegant. These are terrific for business to customers applications.

Cotton business cards are available in white and off-white. If you are looking for a different color, we can print the paper with it and paint the edges with this same color. This will create the effect of the paper being the color of your preference.

Cotton business cards are versatile and used by multiple company types and individuals. However, we have noticed that Law Firms request this type of card often.
Cotton business cards are printed on 15pt, 30pt and 45pt cotton paper.

3.5” x 2” (standard), 2.5” x 2.5″, 1.5″ x 3.5″, and 2.125″ x 3.375” (note: show images)

Do you want a custom size? Please feel free to email us at info@japanprint.com.

Cotton business cards can be enhanced with painted edges and have rounded corners.

Cotton paper is available for note cards, invitations, and postcards.

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