Business Cards

Japan Printing and Graphics offer many different styles and finishes for business cards. For more information on most of our business card design services, please see below:

Same Day Business Cards

We’ve always strived to provide our local customers with the most convenient and highest quality same day Business Cards in NYC. This means that you can order and receive your business cards on a same day basis, as long as you are able to pick up your business cards from our office in downtown NYC. We also utilize all major delivery services in the New York metro area, this includes all major postal carriers as well as personal NYC messenger services. As a result, it is also possible to messenger your business cards if they are completed early enough in the day. If you decide that they need to be shipped for next day delivery, that is also an option.

One of the larger challenges of printing business cards on a same day basis would be design process. Its not easy to just come up with something tasteful. Fortunately, we have numerous templates that can be customized to your liking. You can find our templates here. By using one of our many business card templates, you can save a tremendous amount of time, thus allowing us to start production faster.

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Raised Ink Business Cards

raised ink thermography business cards

Raised ink, also known as Thermography, is a very popular effect in printing that adds an extra level of dimension to business cards. With raised ink, the ink literally rises upward from the card stock due to application of heat and a special powder during the printing process. This process results business cards that will have a unique textured lettering or logo effect that can be felt when the business card is handled.

Most local printing companies in NYC rely on digital presses for the bulk of their printing. There are many benefits (we use them too) and drawbacks of using them. Perhaps one of the bigger drawbacks would be their inability to print with raised ink. You can only print with flat ink when using a digital press. Fortunately, we have offset printing equipment as well, which allows us to print with thermography. We are able to do this on a relatively small scale as well.

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Custom Business Cards

As a company, we specialize in business cards. That means that we are happy to produce customized business cards for our customers, even if they are outside the realm of standard dimensions and materials. It is very important for us to fulfill our customers expectations, particularly if they’ve had poor experiences with other suppliers. Being headquartered in downtown NYC, we’ve seen many unusual requests for custom business cards. We enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to impress.

An example of a custom business cards would be a non-standard size. We encounter many requests for square business cards, which isn’t standard. Furthermore, the size of the square varies between customers. Since we have high quality cutting equipment, we are able to easily trim down the master sheets to whatever size our customers need. This flexibility usually isn’t found in most suppliers.

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Spot UV Business Cards

Silk laminated business cards are a relatively new product offering that has gained a lot of traction over the last few years, particularly here in NYC. To add an extra dimension to these silk business cards, we are also able to apply spot UV gloss coating to specific portions of the business card. These business cards are know as spot UV business cards.

These business cards are very appealing because they offer a finish that could only be done with clear foil up until recently. For those who are familiar with any kind of foil stamping, they probably know how time consuming and expensive it can be. Spot UV gloss allows for a nearly identical finish without the cost and time typically associated with that effect.

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Silk Laminated Business Cards

Silk laminated business cards are one of our newer product offerings. These business cards are notable for their silky smooth feel as well as their durability. They have a modern look to them that makes them popular within the tech community. A good way to describe a silk laminated business card would be to imagine a business card that is wrapped in a soft plastic. That description also happens to be an accurate depiction of their actual composition.

To produce these business cards, we start by printing on regular heavyweight business card stock in our NYC plant. When we complete the printing, we will hold off on cutting them into business card sized pieces. Instead, we send them to a laminator who applies a layer of plastic to both sides of the sheets. After the silk laminate material has been applied, we then cut the sheets down to business cards. This production technique requires a decent amount of handling and care. As a result, there is a somewhat long production time, averaging about a week. Fortunately, the business cards are worth the wait.

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Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a relative newcomer to the business card scene. They are notable for their industrial durability, as well their multiple levels of transparencies. These unique business cards allow for some very unconventional designs, some of which would not be possible with other materials. Although most printing equipment cannot handle the thick plastic sheets, we’ve taken special care to calibrate our machinery to work with many types of plastics.

We typically offer 3 types of plastic, all of which are roughly 20pt in thickness. The 3 options are clear, transparent, and white opaque. The clear finish is exactly what its name would imply, clear. Next, the transparent finish can be described as colorless, but not clear. The transparent finish has a cloudy transparency that allows most light to pass through. It is similar to a foggy window. Finally the opaque finish is simply a white piece of plastic that is not clear or transparent at all. All three options offer unique features that are well suited to different types of designs.

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Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress business cards are widely considered to be among the most elegant and attractive business cards in existence today. Letterpress business cards are instantly recognizable by the indentations that are left when the ink is applied to the paper. The letters and logo are literally pressed inwards, which results in a very tactile surface when the cards are handled. You can think of letterpress as being the opposite of raised ink printing. We are happy to offer this service locally in our NYC printing facility.

Stemming from printing methods that surfaced in the 15th century, this technology has not changed very much over time. Other printing methods such as offset and digital printing have eclipsed letterpress in popularity due to their efficiency and lower operating costs. This decline in popularity has made letterpress business cards a rare sight to behold. The limited supply has also contributed to their appeal, mostly because of their exclusivity.

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Design Services

Making a business card look great isn’t easy. There are many factors that contribute to the overall quality of a business card. Some people might assume that special effects and fancy materials are the most important parts of creating great business cards, but that is definitely not the case. In reality, the single most important part of creating great business cards is the design itself.

Its easy to understand why design is overlooked. After all, it doesn’t have a finite time or cost, nor does it even have an actual metric for quality. With materials and finishes, there are way to gauge whether they were done correctly. But this is not the case with design. Design requires skill, experience, and innovation because its not just about looks, it about solving a problem. For example, good designers factor in scalability, diversity, and materials into their work. This allows your business card to have the flexibility to handle long and short names, irregular amounts of information, and production limitations.

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More Business Cards

We like to give our customers all kinds of premium business cards design options. Some of our more popular layouts and finishes are listed below:


We like to think outside the box, and we think you should too when designing your business cards. We love to hear new ideas on how to create business cards and will try to execute on your vision the best we can. Times are progressing and sometimes a unique and cool idea for a business card, is one thing that can really set your business apart from the competition.

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