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Business Cards vs. Pellet Gun (slow motion)

Today, business cards can be produced on pretty much any material. Some of them are quite durable. Our customers frequently ask us which of our materials are the thickest or most durable. Since this question comes up so often, we decided to make a brief video that demonstrates the durability of our more popular materials. We focused on the thicknesses that are most commonly requested.

Our method for testing the durability of these materials was to line up 15 business cards (one in front of the other), and shoot them with a pellet gun. This strategy was surprisingly effective in displaying the subtle differences in the durability of these business cards. We thought about the problem for a while and came to the conclusion that there isn’t a more effect way to illustrate this, at least with the resources that we have. Hey, we have no complaints about that either! These tests were definitely fun to carry out.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please see below for a recap of the results of our tests:


20pt White Plastic  –  5 business cards penetrated
20pt Clear Plastic  –  6 business cards penetrated
220lb Doubled Mounted Uncoated Paper  –  6 business cards penetrated
165lb Uncoated Stock  –  9 business cards penetrated
130lb Silk Coated Stock  –  10 business cards penetrated
130lb Uncoated Stock  –  13 business cards penetrated


Its important to keep in mind that these tests solely determine the durability of the business cards. In fact, these tests don’t even account for real world durability where the Silk business cards would probably rank higher than most. That being said, you will definitely know which business cards you want to have in your chest pocket if a bullet ever comes your way.

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