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The Power of Paper

business card paper types

In today’s high tech, ultra graphics world getting your business card noticed requires fine tuning every detail. More often than not the paper choice is given very little attention, apart from what is printed on it. But there is more to paper than what meets the eye, and there are a variety of business card paper types available.

If you want to take your business card up a level, pay special attention to the type of paper used. Here are 8 ideas for different options for your business card’s canvas.

1. Dyed cardstock is a great option to start off with. 90% are white, and by using color your card automatically stands out from the crowd. Bonus wow factor: use a dark, bold color paper with white ink.
2. Recycled and unprocessed paper is almost never white. It mostly comes in a natural wood color, which can speak volumes about the eco-friendliness of your company.
3. Transparent print sheets can make a huge statement. The modern space aged look can emphasize the technological aspect of your brand.
4. High gloss is the number one choice of professional photographers worldwide, and a lot of them choose to showcase their work on their business cards.
5. Linen Paper has that classic woven look that embodies the high-class appeal and executive feel. Different colored fibers can be added for that official look so favored by those in the legal profession.
6. Bamboo Paper makes a huge impact on both the elegant and environmental senses. By far one of the most versatile resources on the planet, bamboo comes in a variety of weights making it ideal for almost any style business card.
7. Sticker Paper might sound like it was thought up by a twelve-year-old, (and who knows, it probably was) but a sticker can go places that a business card could never dream of.
8. Embossing and cut outs can allow you to go totally ink free because sometimes it’s really is all about the paper.

At the end of the day, making the right choices for the look of your card can create value that is worth more than the paper it is printed on.

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