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3 Helpful Business Card Distribution Tips

Business Card Distribution Tips

So, you have 10,000 freshly printed business cards in your hands, now what? Your hard work won’t mean a thing unless they can get distributed. While the best business cards are true works of art, keeping them locked away like expensive pieces of art, is a nonstarter. You need your cards out there, think less Mona Lisa, and more Captain America. Even in today’s online world physical contact with clients is still a major factor in obtaining customers.

Here are some business card distribution tips to help you get your cards out there so you can maximize your potential client contacts.

Tip 1– Don’t be greedy. Give your cards to anyone who will take them. Think friends, neighbors, relatives, and strangers. Finding any reason to hand out a card is a good habit to get into. Just been introduced to someone? Someone needing a scrap of paper for a phone number? You get the idea, remember the journey your card takes to the customer can start anywhere.
Tip 2– Look for community boards. More than half of business’ that exist have a collection of business cards on the wall for people to look at, take, and leave behind. Bars, restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, post offices, and many other businesses support these boards. Get into the routine that every time you visit a place, you look for the bulletin board or business card tree, and leave one of your own.
Tip 3– Practice guerilla marketing. Let’s face it. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Competition is fierce. Any tactic that gets your cards into the hands of clients who will follow it back to your company is critical. Some other examples of guerilla marketing are, leaving your card on the seat whenever you ride public transportation, and including one in every bill you have to pay by mail. The idea here is to think outside the box and get your cards out there, by any means available.

All in all, at the end of the day, your business cards can’t do their job sitting on your desk or stuffed in your back pocket. Remember that the best strategy is to scatter them far and wide, so they can work their magic.

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