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How to Create an Effective Business Card

Business Card Design Tips

Your business card is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Besides having the proper business card etiquette, having a business card that ‘pops’ and stands out from the crowd is key. You want your card to avoid being dumped into the trash at a later date, and you want to get those follow-ups. Plus, having a well-designed business card plays a crucial role in how your potential audience views your company or brand. The little things can count the most, and you want your business card to be a visual marketing tool that does its job. That’s what you are spending your money on when it comes time to print, so make sure you don’t waste your investment. Checking out these helpful business card design tips and insights below to help you make an effective business card that won’t negatively affect your conversion rates or return on investment.

Business Card Design Tips That Can Help You Stand Out

• If you use social media, make sure you include your handle name so people can find you. Many people use social media to build and maintain contacts, so you want to make it simple for other people to find you.

• If you have multiple phone numbers, do not put more than one on the card. Keep it simple and keep it to one phone number and direct all calls to one place. Doing so can make it easier to manage, especially if you happen to have multiple companies.

• Remember, you do not need to have a physical address listed on the card if you own a business that doesn’t allow for people to visit. Some companies operate solely online, so in this case, leave out the address. You can have that available on your website if it is required.

• Plan on having a headshot on your business card? If so, make sure you smile for the camera and, if possible, hire a professional photographer to take it. Having a photograph taken from your smartphone might be okay for Facebook, but it doesn’t cut it when it comes to professional business cards.

• Nothing is worse than having a pixelated logo printed on your business card, so be sure to pay attention to resolution. You want to have a high-resolution version of your logo available, so when it comes time to print your business cards, you can ensure that your well-designed logo looks clean and crisp.

• Choosing the correct font for your business card is vital, especially since it can make or break your business card. Keeping your fonts basic is crucial, especially since readability is required. You need your font to represent your business accurately, so stick with the fonts you are already using for your company (if applicable), or find a font that complements your business.

• Don’t forget about the paper! Card stock also plays a role in how the audience views your company, and even the thickness plays a role. Choosing the wrong type of paper can give off the wrong impression, so don’t take this decision lightly. Also, the type of card stock and the thickness can affect the durability of your business card. You do not want a business card that withers and tears easily, or one that looks and feels cheap.

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