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BMW’s MINI Gets Re-Branded With New Minimalist Identity


Since the MINI brand was started in 1959, it has long been associated with bright ideas and a passion for the upscale, with a touch of fun. The wildly successful BMW-owned company has been in the news however, not only for launching their new MINI Clubman vehicle, but for the unveiling of their new branding, logo redesign, and product strategy. Here’s the scoop on MINI’s new minimalistic branding success!

The Latest Logo Design

The latest MINI logo has a 2D design, which is flat and simple in appearance. The designers at MINI have claimed that this new, minimal logo approach “stands for itself, with no imitation of material or shape.” As a result, the new MINI logo is a visual stand out and is even versatile enough to work in any format or size, no matter where it’s used! This is so important, especially since the logo itself will need to be used in many shapes and sizes for marketing purposes.

A New Typeface

Along with MINI’s simple, but sleek logo design, their standard typeface got a makeover too! The new printing font was originally developed from a standard set typeface that Swiss designers use for publishing purposes. From there, designers at MINI gave it a modern feel in order to highlight the brand’s strength in design direction. The new typeface is also meant to show the brand’s marriage of the modern and the traditional. It’s also easy to read, which makes it super user friendly.

Behind The Reinvention

MINI has always been a brand that keeps up with the times. It’s even inherently in the brand’s nature to reinvent itself! With the launch of the Clubman, MINI felt that now is the opportune time to create a new brand identity that continues to uphold it’s original values of a unique product experience for MINI drivers. MINI’s new brand look will also reflect the company’s focus on individual essentials and giving MINI owners an exclusive experience unparalleled to it’s competitors. Happy driving!

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