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Blogger Business Card Tips: How to Get Started

blogger business card tips

We are currently living in a market where blogging is very much a sustainable business for thousands of people. Because of this, bloggers need a business card just as much as any other business owner. Even if blogging is something you consider a side job or project, personal branding in the form of a business card can make a positive impact on the people they come into contact with you and your brand. That being said, this relatively new and unconventional career path requires specifications be addressed on their business cards. For this reason, here are some helpful tips when creating your blogger business cards:

Maintain consistent branding.

Just like any other business, it is important to maintain consistent branding throughout all promotional content you produce, which includes your business cards. If your blog has a logo, your business card is a great place to put it. As best as you can, work to make your business card look like a small snapshot of what people can expect from your blog. Effective and strategic branding will help you stand out among novice bloggers who are trailing behind.

Use the right imagery.

When building a meaningful presence online, imagery plays a crucial role. As an extension of branding, the types of visuals you use on your online platforms should be reflected in the business cards you create. While business cards were initially constructed to get information across, the crucial; aspect images play in your brand cannot be ignored. Play around with overlays and photographic backgrounds. You want to create a card that is visually stimulating and stays true to your personal brand.

Highlight social media profiles.

Because social media is such a huge part of the business you’ve built online, it is important that you showcase your profiles front and center. You want to make sure the people you meet know where to find you online. Including URLs to your most used social media platforms will help and nurture the relationship that has been built offline so that it can continue to grow.

Switch information around.

Because aspects of a blogger business card like branding, visuals, and social media take precedence, consider including the old-school contact information to the back to the card. The back of a business card is frequently under-used and can serve as the prime real estate for pertinent information that you may not want to showcase as much as others.

Hire the right printing service.

When deciding where to get your business cards print, it is best to choose a company to that works diligently with you to achieve your desired vision. Focus on the quality of the printing services available and the customer experience that the printing company can offer you.

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