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Black business cards are business cards that have either or both sides colored entirely black. They offer a unique and modern appeal that never goes out of style. People tend to see them as luxurious and sophisticated, making them an excellent choice for businesses that want to make a lasting impression.
As business card specialists in NYC, we have a great deal of experience with black business cards. We believe that the idea of having a black business card is to have a minimalist design that stands out. Less is more when it comes to black business cards! This minimalistic approach not only helps to create a sophisticated and professional look but also allows for greater flexibility and creativity when designing your business card.
Black business cards can be produced by printing the color onto standard white paper or using black paper. However, the most common way to print black business cards is to use plain white paper and print the black color onto them. The contact information and logo are typically printed in white or some other light color to contrast against the black surface.
Black business cards are a fantastic choice for specific industries. For example, they work well for realtors, creative agencies, photography professionals, finance professionals, and tech businesses. These businesses want to present themselves as high-end and professional, and black business cards help to achieve that image.

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While black business cards are an excellent choice, there are a few things to remember. Printing white or light lettering on black paper is difficult due to the transparency of the ink. Foil stamping can be used to achieve white lettering, but it is expensive and may compromise the clarity of the design.
In conclusion, black business cards are a timeless and stylish option that can help businesses make a lasting impression. They are versatile and work well for various industries, and their minimalist design allows them to stand out in a crowded market. If you’re looking to make a statement with your business cards, consider the timeless elegance of black business cards.
If you’re interested in printing black business cards, we can help you! We are a local business card printing company based in NYC with a great deal of experience in producing high-quality black business cards.

At our business card printing company in NYC, we offer both options for producing black business cards: printing black ink onto standard white paper or using black paper. Depending on your specific requirements, we will help you determine which printing method is most effective for your black business cards.

If you’re looking for a local business card printing company in NYC that can produce high-quality black business cards, look no further than us. Our team of experts is ready to help you design and print the perfect black business card that represents your brand and helps you make a lasting impression. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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Japan Printing and Graphics is a family-run business with over 40 years of experience, specializing in high-quality black business card printing. Founded in the 1970s, we prioritize first impressions in every business interaction. Our dedication to unparalleled quality ensures our clients receive products crafted to the highest standards of excellence.

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Black Business
Cards Overview

Stand out with sophistication with the premier black business cards! These cards aren’t just a choice but a strategic branding statement. In a world where white cards are commonplace, the deep, rich hue of our black cards offers a bold contrast, ensuring you don’t just blend in but command attention. Synonymous with luxury, innovation, and an aura of prestige, opting for our black business cards is a deliberate move to elevate your brand’s image. Make every interaction unforgettable and promote your brand today!

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100, 250, 500, 1000


16pt, 20pt, 32pt, 40pt

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3.5 x 2, 3.346 x 2.165, 3.5 x 1.75, 2 x 2, 2.5 x 2.5

Advanced Options

Foil Stamping, Embossing/Debossing, Painted Edges

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Our black business cards are not just accessories but powerful branding tools designed to impress. While their elegance is undeniable, the bold identity they confer to your brand truly sets them apart. With decades of expertise, we craft these cards to be elegant and durable, ensuring they represent your brand’s resilience and longevity.

Our card stock is of the highest quality, chosen for its durability and feel. Customers can select from various thicknesses, fitting the card’s weight to their brand’s needs. Additionally, we offer a variety of finishes, allowing businesses to choose a texture that aligns perfectly with their brand’s ethos. Choose our black business cards and let your brand’s voice be heard loud and clear.

Elevate Your First
Impression with Premium Black Business Cards

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Our black business cards offer a bold contrast, ensuring your brand doesn’t just blend in but stands out. Synonymous with innovation and an aura of prestige, they are a deliberate move to elevate your brand’s image. Choose our black business cards and let your brand’s voice be heard loud and clear.

  • Distinctive Design: A black card instantly stands out in a sea of white and pastel cards, ensuring your brand is memorable.
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Benefits of Black
Business Cards

Black business cards seamlessly merge luxury, standout design, and professionalism. One of their key advantages is their perceived high value, making them look more premium than their actual cost. The striking contrast of bright text against the black background ensures readability and exudes an elegance that captures attention. The cards are versatile and innovative and crafted from top-tier materials for a tangible quality. Such attributes make black business cards a cost-effective strategy to uplift your brand’s image, setting it apart from rivals. Elevate your brand’s presence with the undeniable allure of black.

What To Consider When Buying Black Business Cards?

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Elevate your brand with our premium black business cards. Choose from luxurious card stocks and metals for unmatched durability. Tailor your card’s finish to your brand’s style, whether matte, glossy, or textured. Prioritize legible ink colors against the black backdrop and opt for a thicker card for that upscale feel while ensuring it fits seamlessly in wallets. Embrace simplicity in design to maintain clarity, and consider special touches like embossing or foil stamping. With a range of costs to suit your budget, our reputable printing ensures top-notch quality. For the eco-conscious, we offer sustainable options. Request a sample pack today and experience the difference firsthand!

Business cards printing NYC


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Regarding black business card printing techniques and customization, offset printing stands out for its unparalleled quality and color accuracy. Considering paper weight and GSM is essential to ensure the card’s durability and feel. The choice of ink types can significantly influence the card’s final appearance, with each ink offering distinct effects. Dive deeper into specialized printing techniques to further enhance your card’s uniqueness. Whether you’re looking for bold designs that attract attention or understated elegance, our range of styles is crafted to capture attention and leave an indelible mark on recipients.

Why Us?

We are a team with an unparalleled work ethic, efficiency, and an eye for detail. Consistency, quality, and responsibility are what keep our clients coming back and not sales pitches. This is why many of our customers have worked with us for more than 30 years.

We are business card printing experts, not only because of our experience but also because of our culture. In Japan, a business card should be treated the same way you would treat the person who hands it to you. With that in mind, you can trust that we will give your business card project all the attention and professionalism it deserves.

FAQs on Black Business Cards

Black business cards offer a unique and sophisticated look, setting them apart from the standard white cards. They can make a strong impression and convey a sense of luxury and professionalism.

Absolutely! We recommend using light-colored inks, like white, gold, or silver, ensuring optimal legibility against the black background.

We utilize offset printing for superior quality and color accuracy. Additionally, we offer specialized printing techniques to enhance the card’s appearance further.

Yes, you can select the paper weight based on GSM considerations. We also provide ink types, each offering distinct effects to match your desired outcome.

Yes, we’re committed to sustainability and provide eco-friendly materials and printing processes for those who prioritize environmental considerations.

Our range includes both bold and understated designs. Our design team can guide you in choosing a style that captures your attention while aligning with your brand’s professionalism.

Some specialized techniques may come at an added cost. We recommend discussing your preferences with our team to get a detailed quote.

The processing time varies based on the customization and quantity. Typically, standard orders are delivered within 7-10 business days.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you’re not pleased with the final product, please contact our customer service team, and we’ll promptly address your concerns.


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Datalyze Analytics
Datalyze Analytics
Incredible quality and attention to detail. They guided me through the design process and advised me with design and material. Will definitely be ordering again.
Aq Globall
Aq Globall
Thanks for everything! Great service.
Sidney Hardee
Sidney Hardee
Great service…..Quality work
Miri P
Miri P
Wonderful experience! From concept to finish there was great communication. Cards came out beautifully.
May Ghadanfar
May Ghadanfar
I had my business cards printed here, and I have to say, the quality is outstanding! This is the second time i print here and i will continue to come back for any business cards printing needed. I was communicating with Julian, who did an amazing job explaining to me what their services entail and advising me on the best paper and detailing for my needs. 10/10 would recommend!
Stephanie Tartick
Stephanie Tartick
I recently got a personal project printed at Japan Printing and was helped by Julian. I was hoping to find a print shop that I could continue working with for future projects and Japan Printing is it! The quality of my postcards is top notch, and I never felt like I was bothering Julian with my questions and initial hesitancy. I couldn't be happier with the whole process and my beautiful art postcards.
Meghan Takahashi
Meghan Takahashi
I worked with Japan Printing to help print a rapid order of a large quantity of brand books. Marcela from Japan Printing was super quick to respond and equally very helpful in ensuring that my order was completed within 2 days! Would highly recommend!
Fabian Amaru Muenala
Fabian Amaru Muenala
Japan Printing & Graphics did an amazing job for my business. As a retail business owner, specializing in the sale of Native American artworks and jewelry, we needed to find a visual identity that elevated and upscaled our brand, but at the same time stay true to the "natural or organic" look Native retail brands can be associated with. We were interested in a particular look; organic textured paper or cardboard, with a copper metallic stamp of our logo. The final products came out great! We ordered business cards, apparel tags, necklace tags, earring tags and other items. One of their representatives, Marcela, did an amazing job explaining the options they had regarding textured papers, colors, metallic finishes, sizes, pricing etc. I think I knew this was the place to work with, when she took out a couple of BOOKS filled with paper samples . Options were almost limitless, but her guidance and expertise on printing service helped us decide quite efficiently and effortlessly. From a branding perspective, Japan Printing is able to deliver what you envision for your business or service. They helped upscale our products, because presentation matters. If you want to impact your customers with your brand, a clear image of who you are and what you stand for is needed, and Japan Printing can definitely help you out.
Nori Shimizu
Nori Shimizu
I've been ordering a business card for years. I'm totally satisfying their quality and price. Also they are very responsive. Especially, Marcela is a perfect consultant!
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