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Bilingual Business Cards: Choosing a the Best Translation Service

Bilingual business cards

If you do business in more than one language, you may be wondering if that should be showcased on your business cards. As companies begin to expand internationally, it is important to stand out from the others. Creating bilingual business cards shows other professionals that you have an attention to detail that shines through in even the little things. That being said, there are things to consider before choosing a bilingual business card printing service.

Here are the top considerations when choosing a business translation service:

Importance of Accurate Translations

Bilingual business card translations must be completely accurate in order to maintain a sense of professionalism with potential clients. Google or an acquaintance are valuable resources for translation in more casual settings, but it is not a good idea to use for your business card. The accuracy of translations required in a professional setting can only be achieved by a service that specializes in business translation. A poorly translated business card appears unprepared and unprofessional.

Language Versus Dialect

Often in languages, there are certain subtle differences between written and spoken word, as well as between contexts. For example, using Latin American Spanish in Spain could be found offensive to a potential business partner. For this reason, it is very important that your business translation service is notified of exactly which language they will be translating.


Aspects of your business card that seem straightforward in English may not be the same in a different language or country. Beyond grammatical correctness, context must also be used appropriately.  Certain words may have different meanings is varying circumstances. Only someone experienced in creating bilingual business cards will help you effectively communicate your intended message.

Business Etiquette

If you are conducting business internationally, professionals the speak a different language than English will view bilingual business cards favorably. While you may be eager to show off your translated business card, there are still other important etiquette practices to consider in a business card exchange. Experienced professionals in business translation will have this knowledge and be able to give you insight into best practices.

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Proper Formatting

Usually, bilingual business cards can share the same layout both in English and in a foreign language. However, translations in languages such as Arabic and Chinese require particular formatting that will differ from the English side of your business card. These formatting nuances are crucial to know, and only companies experienced business card translation can do this properly.

High-Quality Printing

While this is an article on the importance of translation accuracy, you still want to be sure that you are investing in business cards of the highest print quality as well. A high-quality bilingual business card is both informative and well designed, so keeping both characteristics in mind will help you narrow your search for the best company to help you create them.

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