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The Best Free Fonts for Designers

Best Free Fonts

Looking for the right font can be many things; unfortunately, easy is not usually one of them. Finding the right font can be one of the most challenging parts of any project. While the sheer numbers of fonts available are in the millions, with a significant percentage of them free, the only easy part is how fast the feelings of being overwhelmed by choices can take its toll. We understand this and have put this guide together to help you find the best free fonts for your design.

The internet is choke-full of theories, guides, and yearly lists that all promise to deliver that elusive “best font.” They rarely do, and as a result, the endless hunt for elusive lettering continues. The best practice, when overwhelmed, is to stop and ask questions. Every “good” font has an element that is going to be perfect for some designs and terrible for others. So here are the first questions to ask when looking for the best one for your design, plus a few links to some of the best free fonts available on the web.

Title or Header

Before we can find the right font, we must know where it’s going and what it’s going to do. Fonts used for titles and headers need to be large and readable from a distance, to grab the audience’s attention. Fonts like Sting by Upan Sulfan would not be good for a body of information, but it would make a fantastic header for the right project.


The most vital element of any good design is readability. Here the question boils down to san serif or to not san serif? Serif fonts carry the weight and authority of years of standardized use. Using fonts like Timeless by Manfred Klein can give the impression of an established idea.

San serifs, on the other hand, are considered to be more modern and elegant. For example, Caviar Dreams by Lauren Thompson, is both simple and futuristic, that gives off feelings of newness and sophistication.


The primary goal of any good designer is to be as original as possible. And this can be impossible at times due to the constraints on a project like time and budget. Fortunately, most font sites have a listing of new fonts, like the brand new sans serif font, Poison by MagicType. Using new fonts are perfect, as they do not have the issue of being overused, and can bring a unique look to your design.

There are millions of questions about the needs of any design project; the right ones will lead you to the font of your design’s dreams. The most important question always is, “what are the primary needs and functions that the font has to fulfill?” If you look for the answer to that question, you will always find the font you need.

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