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Best Fonts for Business Cards

Best Fonts for Business Cards

A business card is excellent way to provide potential clients and partners an easy way to contact you, and can help them find out more about you. A good business card will act as an accurate representation of your brand, and can help a person remember you by leaving a lasting impression on them. In addition, the font you choose to use also contributes to how a person might perceive your business.

You want your business card to appear professional, yet unique. We know that finding a font that most accurately represents your brand can be difficult, however, we are here to help! Check out some of the best fonts for business cards.

Frutiger – This is not a font that you see very often in the United States, as it’s more popular in Europe. However, this unfamiliar font is both legible, professional and simple, and is an excellent choice if you want to stand out among the crowd.
Futura – This font is very readable, as it features smooth lines. Futura is elegant, yet striking, and is very simple in look. No wonder it’s one of the top choices in the printing world!
Garamond – A commonly used font that has excellent readability, and is most often seen in offices, as well as in the printing and publishing worlds. This font is very well known, so it is able to give off a sense of familiarity and comfort that people will associate with your brand.
Glasgow – This font is similar to Times New Roman, but has an updated look. This font is formal looking, and professional. The bold version of Glasgow is thick, yet readable-even at a smaller font size.
Helvetica – While this font is commonly used, this typeface is excellent to use for information that you want to be readable, and professional, yet elegant looking. If you want absolute clarity, try out this font, along with all of its variants.
Karat – This is a playful, yet formal font. While the curved letters do have a slight cartoonish quality to them; how the lines and angles are situated together, this font is able to provide a sense of motion.
Minion – This font is also similar to Times New Roman, as it is also a clear and simple font to use on any business card. Just like Times New Roman, this font is very readable, and professional – but with more “pop”.
Myriad Pro – This font, and all of its variants, has a very clean look that is both professional and neat looking. If you want readability, and would like to add a sense of flair to your business card, give Myriad Pro a try.

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