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Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2021?

The way we communicate with other people is evolving quickly. So quickly that elementary things like business cards look like a thing of the past. “We are going through a digital age” are words we hear often. And when you hear that so often, it is inevitable to wonder: are business cards still relevant in 2021?

Business cards are still relevant in 2021. Although media like emails, social networks, and chats exist, business cards are still considered the most professional way to share your information in face-to-face meetings. Business cards are still relevant because they provide formality to businesses. 

But the digital age is here, and it’s here to stay, which makes us wonder: will business cards continue to be relevant in the future?

Are Business Cards Still Relevant in 2021?

As we stated above, we believe business cards are still very relevant for any person doing business in 2021. And we also have proof of this: every month, we print business cards for hundreds of companies in NYC, and numbers go higher and higher. So from artists to big firms, the need to print business cards is present in any industry. 

But why is it that most people and businesses are printing business cards when there is plenty of ways to connect with people in 2021? We believe the reason is simple: business cards are as old as doing business itself. Business cards have been around for so much time that not having one could be considered odd. 

To explain this more in-depth, let’s create a highly possible scenario. Imagine you are talking to a client, and she looks very interested in doing business with you. Then, the meeting is over, and it’s time to share your contact information, but you don’t have a business card. What would you do? I can think of two quick options: you grab a pen and write your number on a napkin or any random piece of paper available, or you ask her for her phone number and then send her a text so that she can save your contact information. Regardless of what you do, any option you take would be considered awkward in a business meeting. There is nothing that can make a great first impression other than a business card.

So, considering how traditional and respected business cards are, we don’t see them being irrelevant in 2021 or the following year, but will business cards continue to be relevant in the future?

Will business cards continue to be relevant in the future?  

As we stated at the beginning of this post, we are going through a digital era. Besides, due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, more and more aspects of life are already digitalized, especially the way we communicate. Tools such as emails, social networks, chats, and contact forms are very convenient, and it looks like many people prefer to communicate using these tools rather than phone calls.

However, business cards are a medium to share with people all your information.

Therefore, you can share your email, phone number, social networks, and anything you need. Moreover, you can also place QR codes on them so that they can save your information in a snap. Based on that, will business cards continue to be relevant in the future?

Business cards will continue to be relevant in the future until there is a clear replacement for them. Business cards are still the most professional and formal way to share your contact information, and since these two are very important in business, business cards will stay for a long time. 

We understand why people wonder if business cards are still relevant; since people see a world with so much technology and digital options, they think business cards are unnecessary. However, you use business cards when you’re in personal, face-to-face meetings, so we could say business cards would stop being relevant when these types of meetings cease to happen.

And from a very personal point of view, I say they will continue to be relevant for a very long time. So although more people have access to the digital world, it does not mean that this whole way of making valuable contacts will disappear. You can always use digital and physical options; having a business card would never hurt anyone.

Are Business Cards Necessary?

In business, only a few things are considered necessary or mandatory, and business cards aren’t something you have to be successful, but they will undoubtedly help you a lot. 

Business cards are still important, relevant, and necessary if you want to give your prospects a professional and formal image. In addition, business cards are still the easiest way to share contact information with potential clients, other businesses, and people you want to work with when in face-to-face meetings.  

Being in front of a company that had printed business cards in NYC for more than 40 years, I’ve met thousands of businessmen and businesswomen that wouldn’t do business with someone that doesn’t have a business card. It could be a traditional and old-fashion way to think but will often find that in business. So although we don’t consider having a business card is an absolute must for everyone, having them will make your life so much easier that there’s almost no point in refusing to have some business cards. 

Even if your company is or is in the process of going fully digital, having some good business cards to represent your company is always a great idea.

Why Are Business Cards So Important?

To put it simply, we know business cards are important because they are efficient. Social media and any other digital tool there is to share your information works perfectly in the digital field. However, they don’t work as smoothly in face-to-face situations compared to business cards. For example, handing a business card would take you five seconds, while telling someone how to find you online would take you much longer. Even the action of giving your phone number to someone would take you longer, and it could disrupt the flow of your business conversation; without mentioning it would be very informal. 

Besides, providing a business card will make you look professional, and those who ask for it will have all the important information condensed at once. This powerful tool will allow you to have that first contact to create quality professional relationships. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from other professionals, whether they are in the same sector or not. 

If we refer to the scientific part, we can assure that in social psychology, it is proven that people like to have relationships and business with other successful people, and business cards provide that professional image of confidence and success.

It is accepted that even in the digital era, business cards will continue to be essential and relevant in the business world because they convey professionalism and time invested in the company.

It is often thought that since social networks are available, there is no need for business cards for the time being. However, this marketing tool has not lost its value since many individuals continue to use business cards to generate a first impression of their company to potential customers. Anyone who gives a business card makes available to others the initiative of his business, its value, and the degree of preparation it has.

Where To Print Business Cards?

As we’ve said before, business cards are a standard item for any potential new client. Even in the digital age, business card printing worldwide is still considered one of the most effective ways to establish and maintain professional relationships. 

Business cards are an essential part of a client’s first impression. It is an effective way to promote your business and is a constant reminder of your contact details.

If you are in the US or NYC, you can print business cards with us at Japan Printing. If you’re anywhere else, you could do that too, although you’d have to factor in shipping costs and that your order may take longer. 

So, if you can’t print with us, we give you the following recommendations so that you can choose a reliable and professional business cards printing company.

These are our recommendations:

  1. It is essential to know how much experience and trajectory the company you want to print your business cards has. 
  2. If the company is remote, we recommend you confirm it is easy to get in touch with them via phone call. If you can’t contact the company easily,  any issue or problem with your order could be a nightmare. 
  3. If you want to see how the final product would look in real life, you need to work with a local company you can visit. If none of the local companies fit your standards, you can look for companies in different cities of your country and ask them for pictures or videos of how their products look. By doing that, you can be sure you’re getting what you need.
  4. It is good to check if the company has a website and positive reviews of their work to have an idea of the quality of their work.

We hope we have helped you resolve your question about business cards being relevant in 2021. If you have any questions or want to print business cards with us, you can email us at info@japanprint.com or call us at 212-406-2905, and one of our representatives will assist you. 

Stay safe!

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