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5 Reasons Why You Need Personal Business Cards as a Jobseeker

5 Reasons Why You Need Personal Business Cards as a Jobseeker | Japan Printing and Graphics | Business Card In NYC
When most people are out looking for a job they typically just create a stellar cover sheet and a flawless resume. While this method is old fashioned and does work, there are some downfalls to using these conventional methods. When you are out job hunting you do want to take a stack of resumes with you, but this is not always feasible in every situation. You never know who you could potentially meet on any given day, so it’s best to always be prepared.

This is where networking business cards come in, as they will better help you utilize every opportunity to grow and strengthen your network of contacts. These cards can have the same look and feel of traditional business cards, but they will also help you network and market yourself more efficiently when you meet potential employers or clients.

Want to know what information you should include on your personal business cards?

  • Contact information
  • List of your social media accounts
  • Areas of strength
  • A branding statement
  • A photo
  • A logo
  • A blank back (gives room to write notes)

In addition, check out these 5 reasons why you don’t want to be caught without business cards as a jobseeker:

They create more opportunities when used at social gatherings

Anytime you are at a social gathering, even if you are just at a family get together or a wedding, you want to make sure you are carrying business cards with you. Just be sure you aren’t going from person to person, shoving your cards in their faces. Hand them out when you are talking to others, this way they will have a better chance of remembering that you are seeking a job. This will come in handy in case they know or meet anyone at home or at the office that might be interested in your skills. If they allow it, give out a few copies to each person so this way they can hand them out to more than one person.

You can use them at networking events

Unfortunately, not having business cards with you at a networking event will separate you and make you stand out from the other attendees, and it won’t be a in a good way. At these types of get-togethers typically everyone will have business cards, and in this case you don’t want to be different.

You can use them at job fairs

Using business cards at a job fair is not only a great way to introduce yourself, but it will help impress the company representatives that you interact with as well. Be sure to attach your business card to your resume, as this will help you come across as being a professional. Not only will this help separate you from other candidates, but you have a higher chance of receiving a call back.

They act as a calling card

Carrying around business cards is much easier than carrying around a stack of resumes when you are going about your daily life. Business cards are much smaller, so they fit nicely in a purse or in a pocket. This adds a whole new layer of convenience and will only help you stand out from the pack.

They are a call to action

As mentioned earlier, you will have a better chance of receiving a call back when someone has one of your personal business cards because it makes it easier for others that you meet to follow up with you and to remember you. Even when you attach it to your resume at a job interview or at a job fair, the chance of them following-up on your encounter is much higher.

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