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3 Crucial Things To Take To The New York Film Festival This Year

It’s that time of year… Fall is in the air in New York City and that can only mean one thing: Film isn’t far behind. Starting┬áSeptember 25th and through October 11th, the city that never sleeps will proudly be hosting The 53rd New York Film Festival. Being the lover of cinematography that you are, you bought your VIP or All Access Passes in advance and you can’t wait! But before you can indulge in some of the best films from Venice and Cannes (plus a touch of NYC charm too of course!), we have a few things you definitely don’t want to be without during the festival.

Dressing Accordingly

It’s the end of September in New York City and most people would assume that it must already be cold by now, right? Not quite. It’s going to be a whole lot hotter than you expected it to be! New York summers like to linger and temperatures stay around the 70s and 80s during the day. It can however get a little chilly at night, so bringing a layer or a light jacket is a smart move. Plus, it’s no fun trying to follow a film if the venue is on the colder side and you can’t stop shivering! That being said, plan to dress accordingly!

Business Cards

The New York Film Festival brings together people from around the world, all with a passion for great film! This makes the NYFF an ideal place to network with new faces, which is why having business cards on hand is a must. At Japan Print, we do business cards that can be translated into multiple languages and are even as unique and striking as you are. So whether you forgot your cards at home or you need cards in another language or two for new international contacts, we’ve got you covered!

Phone Or Tablet Charger

There’s nothing worse than trying to tweet your thoughts on a film premiere, only to have your phone run out of battery. Many people don’t realize how quickly the battery goes on our devices, especially when you’re attending a huge event, in a city with as many mobile device users as New York. Don’t be disconnected! Be sure to bring along a charger and cord, or even a mobile charging device if you have one. Getting a self-charging phone or tablet case for the event is another great option if you’re looking to travel light while attending the festival.

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