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2019 Spring Business Card Trends

Spring Business Card Trends NYC

With spring rolling in and summer fast approaching, many businesses use this time of year to revamp and possibly rework marketing material that might be getting just a little bit stale. This includes the most viable and useful piece of advertising, the almighty business card. An out of date business card can make even the hippest and modern company look behind the times and out of date. To remedy this, we would like to present the five hottest designs and the top spring business card trends of 2019.

Simple Design

One of the hottest trends in corporate and marketing design is minimalism. Basic designs are all the rage, as the motto “less is more” carries more weight this season.

Big, Bold Letters

Keeping with this year’s minimal design trend, creators have found an excellent way to get that simple look is to use large fonts and bold lettering. One significant advantage is that if done right, a business card like this could be read from a reasonable distance, acting as a miniature portable billboard.

Clever Use of Images and Icons

Incorporating logos and simple icons into words is a time tested way to enhance the information presented to an audience. Some good examples include the use of shapes created by the negative space between letters, or altering the form of a word to resemble a simple shape. Another trend is just to use simple icons with a minimalist theme, to create an elegant look.

Gradients and Neon Colors

In 2019 so far, neon is being treated as if it was brand new again, and gradients are fading in everywhere. Which fits right in for this season’s bold but simple theme.

Interactive and Smart Cards

Truly a sign of modern times, many businesses rely on the internet and computers to operate. Due to this fact many companies are using smart cards, that utilize QR codes and web page operation; as well as, interactive cards, that incorporate technology into the card, like flash drives and seed packets.

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