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2018 Logo Design Trends

Logo Design Trends

We are almost mid-way into 2018, and designers have been showcasing their innovative approaches to logos. When looking at logo design trends, it is important to take inspiration rather than mimic others. Examine the characteristics of the newest creative designs to create your own relevant and distinguished logo for your brand.


Logo Design TrendsLogo Design Trends

In branding today, logos serve a purpose beyond a visually pleasing design. Branding has transcended the inanimate to build different contexts in which it lives. To successfully accomplish this, the logo must be designed to relate in each context that’s created, be it online, on print, on products, etc. Staying aware of the role context places in logo design will help you dominate presence in your industry.


Logo Design Trends

Typography and geometry alike are getting more and more simplified. Clean text paired with minimal geometric designs proves that less is more in 2018. This minimalist approach offers brand versatility and immediate impact.


Logo Design TrendsLogo Design Trends

In some ways, this is nothing new, but an architectural approach to logo design trends is being rebooted in new clever ways. Space plays a big role in this, where designers are striving for consistency both online and in the physical world. Designers are also looking to physical architectural landmarks for inspiration toward creating designs in the digital realm. Conversely, they are creating logos that are a visual representation of physical locations they also establish their business. Starbucks is a good example of this, where designs and storefronts alike look cohesive and consistent.


Logo Design Trends

In conjunction with architectural inspiration, another major logo design trend in stacking words or letters on top of one another. Resembling a high-rise building,  this is well-suited for brands in urban locations. Not only is this a creative approach to make your brand stand out, but you can take it further by utilizing vertical business cards to amplify the structure you’ve created in your design.


Logo Design Trends

With so much uncertainty and negativity around us, people naturally gravitate to light-hearted visuals. Designers are using this to their advantage by utilizing bright colors and fun imagery. With this trend, the brand’s goal is to make their audience smile. What’s not to love about that?

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