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2017 Logo Design Trends

Logo Design Trends

Paying attention to current trends has been an important business strategy for decades. Knowing what is popular can mean the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a failed one. So, whether you are looking to redesign your brand’s logo or are just starting up, check out some of the top logo designs trends for 2017!

1. Vintage

Classic and Retro styles are becoming the new thing for logos this year. Giving the impression of “age” can make your company feel more emotionally authentic.

2. Hand Drawn

The use of elements such as ink, pencil, and paper can be very difficult to replicate using digital technology. Handmade logos add a sense of credibility and character. They also show off your hard earned talent!

3. Minimalism and Simplification

Also known as flat design, this approach is simple yet practical. Simple logos that translate well, from billboards to thumbnails, can allow a company to place the same image literally everywhere.

4. Line Art and Monolines

Using a simple, single line can convey sophistication and a relaxed sense of style. Modern and fun, utilizing line art is very popular among new and emerging companies.

5. Geometry

Geometric design has been popular for many years. Geometric shape logos represent a timeless theme that is still relevant, instilling feelings of simplicity, and stability.

6. Gradients

Color effects are one of the hottest trends this year. The use of the shading technique called ‘ombre’, reflects the feelings of change, movement, and can symbolize ideas that are “out of the box.”

7. Cartoon

Making a revival, cartoony and character driven logos recall the imagery of the 70’s and 80’s Saturday morning cartoons. Full of fun and whimsy, a lot of people find this classic style comforting.

8. Text and Lettering

One type of logo that is still trending strongly over the years. A tried and true approach, this simple design method is still the best option for many companies.

9. Letter Stacking

Recognized as one of the best ways to showcase long worded names in smaller spaces. Letter stacking and overlapping are quickly becoming a technique that is used more and more in logo design.

10. Optical Illusions

Broken letters, visual tricks, and use of negative space are designs that incorporate the use of dual-imagery. Clever and unique, these logos can become masterpieces of design and have become one of the most popular trends so far this year.

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