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2016 Graphic Design Trends

2016 Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design has always been prevalent, however, graphics are no longer just a content trend. In fact, graphic design today is more influential than ever. In today’s modern design, graphics are now being utilized as a marketing tool, since good design is able to drive quantifiable results. Graphic design has the ability to elicit a response in a person better than text, and can effectively define your brand. The field of design is always in constant flux; it’s never static and it is constantly evolving.

Design trends come and go, but the key is to try to stay ahead of the curve. Today’s graphics are optimized for modern devices, formats, as well as for different lifestyles so it is important to know what is currently trending. If you want to learn what’s predicted to be trending next year, check our top six 2016 graphic design trends.

1. The use of custom and colorful infographics and illustrations is an excellent way to replace stock photography. The days of generic illustrations and stock imagery are long gone. Originality is what’s currently trending, and can help set your business or product apart.
2. The classic and trending flat design is here to stay, but that’s not to say styles are not evolving from this traditional look. The classical use of white space does still play a role, but the current graphical trend is now going towards a more layered, 3 dimensional look.
3. The re-emergence of retro design and its aesthetics are now being incorporated into modern digital design. Vintage is now meeting modern, and the use of “retro” design is making a comeback.
4. The use of circular logos is growing, as more and more companies are using circular cropping for design, pictures, as well as for avatars. Be on the lookout for it, as companies such as Google and Instagram have been adopting this trend.
5. The use of large image design. This is a trend that can be seen in both web and print; who doesn’t like the excuse to use a beautiful image? This is a great way to visually draw in your audience.
6. The use of shapes is being incorporated into design, and have come to life in the form of logos, icons, and backgrounds. Just look at the progression of Corporate logos; Microsoft’s current logo utilizes simple shapes and only uses one color, which is quite different from what their logo looked like back in 1992.

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