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The Psychology of Color: Powerful Color Combos

November 17, 2018 / Inspiration
Powerful Color Combos

As humans, sight is our primary sense that we use to perceive the world, a universe of color, right before our eyes. The psychology of color is a deeply researched subject, with millions of man-hours and billions of dollars spent, in order to find out the secret reactions people have to it. While the response and effect of single colors is well known, people’s reaction to combinations of colors is somewhat more elusive and harder to pin down. The reason is probably due to the fact that different people have different life experiences, and as a result the more complex a pattern; the wider spectrum of reactions results. There are literally thousands of articles on the web and in print, which study and explore the use of color combinations. Needless to say finding the right combo for your media project can not only be daunting it can down right be almost impossible without some help. Instead of another article discussing the endless array of color combinations that could be used, this article is going to focus on the why’s and how’s of powerful color combinations, so you can get to the heart of your project and unleash the full potential of your design.


Colors that contrast with each other like; Blue/yellow, red/white, Black/Green, have high visibility that can be clearly read at a distance. This is why the Contrasts of Green/white, Black/Yellow and Red/White are used for street and road signs. This is a good example of when a psychological impact is more about awareness and perception, than anything emotional. Sometimes it is better to seen than felt. With contrasting colors the emotional effect comes from the shapes used; and the color that has more coverage.


Colors that sit across from each other on the color wheel are called “complimentary”, and also contrast with each other. While these can be highly visible, they are balanced and as a result can have a deeper impact than just contrasting alone. These combinations are used heavily during certain holidays that are instantly recognizable. Red and Green for the winter holidays is just one example.

Classic Combinations

Beyond complimentary and contrasting color combinations; there are the classic examples of combinations that work to elicit certain responses. The red/yellow pair is known to inspire hunger and attract people looking for food. While certain combinations have been found to be a natural response, other are a products of cultural traditions, such as the red/white (sometimes b/white) for medical and emergency services. Paying attention to the color traditions in your market is very important to understand what colors customers respond to.

Mixing It Up and Putting It All Together

When done correctly, it should be very easy for a designer to change the color pallet of any pre-printed materials with the use of computer software. It is a good idea to preview your Logo or Project in an array of different color combinations; you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Thanksgiving Designs for Creative Inspiration

November 9, 2018 / Inspiration
Thanksgiving Designs

Coming up with a design that’s related to Thanksgiving can be tough, as Thanksgiving color schemes and themes are relatively limited. However, looking at other people’s work is an excellent way to gain some inspiration for your own design project, especially when you are in a creative slump. Nevertheless, it is always important to only look at other’s work to ignite your imagination, and not plagiarize. The goal of any good designer should be to never copy and rip off somebody else’s artwork, and this goes for any artist.
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Top 13 Spooky Halloween Fonts

October 24, 2018 / Inspiration
Halloween Fonts

Once again, it’s that time of year, when spooky thoughts and macabre visuals take over media and marketing like an invading horde of Vikings, doing their yearly raids. Peaceful and pleasant images are replaced for a short time with dripping words and monstrous icons. If you have not prepared for the seasonal horde arriving to take over your marketing material, do not worry.
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Need Creative Inspiration? Top Halloween Design Examples

October 17, 2018 / Inspiration
Halloween Design Examples

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and Halloween is right around the bend. For many, this means jack o’ lanterns, costumes, candy corn, candy, and fake (hopefully) spider webs. While Halloween events and parties help get you into the spirit of the holiday. If you are a designer then you probably have a project or two that pertains to Halloween, whether it’s for a friend’s party, your email newsletter, a website, or for a corporate event, sometimes it can be hard to get the design project ball rolling. Especially when the design can take many turns and go many routes, as it can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, there is plenty of inspiration available on the web so you don’t have to look far!
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Avoid Creative Burnout with these Relaxing Mindfulness Apps

October 13, 2018 / Inspiration
Mindfulness Apps

Unfortunately, in today’s age of information overload, many people are prone to burnout. With high-stress levels, too much work and not enough sleep, physical, mental, and creative burnout can happen to the best of us. Burnout happens when we are under prolonged and excessive stress and if left untreated burnout can cause physical and emotional exhaustion, which can manifest as insomnia, chronic fatigue, changes in weight, anger, anxiety, and depression. When you suffer from burnout syndrome, it’s common for your overworked brain to forget important tasks, making it impossible to pay attention and concentrate.
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Get Creative with the Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins

September 26, 2018 / Uncategorized
Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins

An excellent image manipulation program, Adobe Photoshop is a heavyweight contender that has been around for a very long time. Photoshop used to handle bitmap images solely but now has progressed to being a vector editing tool that also supports video and 3D. While Adobe Photoshop is an excellent program, it doesn’t mean it can’t get any better. Luckily, there are plugins available for Photoshop that can help you get the most out of your investment.
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Need Inspiration? How to Get Out of a Creative Slump

September 19, 2018 / Inspiration
Get Out of a Creative Slump

Many creatives are all too familiar with getting on a roll with their creative work, only to eventually hit a brick wall. A common theme with many creators, getting into a dry spell happens to everybody now and then. A normal occurrence, but a frustrating one at that, since it can be difficult to get ideas flowing again after you’ve hit a mental roadblock.
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When Should I Use An Embossed Business Card?

September 4, 2018 / Conversation
Embossed Business Card

When it comes to business cards, you want yours to stand out from the crowd. Business cards are a dime a dozen, so if you don’t want yours to end up in the trash, you need to stand out. One way to get your brand noticed is by using an embossed business card as your design. Embossed printing is characterized by a 3-dimensional pattern that is pressed into the paper, and the use of ink isn’t always necessary. Using this printing method is an excellent way to impress potential customers or clients, and can give your brand that quality image that you strive for. Even though embossing can cost more, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost difference.
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