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What it Means to Have a High-Quality Business

October 30, 2017 / Conversation
high-quality business

Quality in business goes beyond a good product. By definition, a high-quality business is measured by a standard of excellence brought by a consistent and strict commitment to ensure a product as promised, as well as customer reliability and satisfaction. As a family-owned business dedicated to giving our customers well-crafted products, Japan Printing and Graphics knows the importance of a holistic approach to a high-quality business. Here is what we believe it means to have a high-quality business.

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Are You On Track with Your Halloween Party Planning?

October 16, 2017 / Inspiration
halloween party planning

Halloween is just about 2 weeks away! If you’re throwing a party, this is the time to make sure everything is organized and going as planned. Here is a guide for your Halloween party planning to make sure you are on the right track for a great night.

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Creative Inspiration for Your Halloween Party Invitations

October 6, 2017
halloween party invitations

Hello, October! It is an exciting month filled with changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and of course, Halloween. If you are planning a party for the occasion, it is best to get started as soon as possible. With that, the first priority is to make invitations. Because Halloween is such a popular holiday to celebrate, you want to ensure your guests have enough time to RSVP so they don’t commit to a different party first. Here are some quick and easy ways to design Halloween party invitations so you can send them out as soon as possible.

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