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Best Tips to Gain a New Business Perspective

September 30, 2017
new business perspective

Unfortunately, sometimes you can fall into a rut during the day-to-day goings of business. Lack of motivation, inspiration, and passion begin to loom over you. What can you do? The important thing is to not give up; rather, change up the way you look at things. Break out of your routine, try something new, and see the benefits that come to you and your business. Here are our best tips to gain a new business perspective.

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Top Trends in Business Card Design NYC

September 27, 2017

The purpose of a business card is about making a meaningful first impression. Whether you are designing your first business cards or looking to give your current ones a makeover, getting ahead on design trends will set your business card apart from the others. These are the top trends in business card design NYC.

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Basic Design Principles, as Told by Nature

September 20, 2017 / Inspiration

When you see a design you like, have you ever broke it down as to why it is visually appealing? There are many ways to create a visually stunning piece of design, but fostering an eye for visual art begins with these basic design principles. Learn about each basic design principle, using visual examples from nature.

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